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To play the game a program is required to be downloaded and installed to your phone. You can either download and send to the phone via Bluetooth or USB link, or download directly from the followink link referring for the proper phone vendor.

Sony Ericsson
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Windows Mobile
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The list of currently supported phones are (Java MIDP-2.1 support is needed):
C702, C902, C905, K123i, K660i, K850i, TM506, V640i, V660i, W760i, W890i, W910i, Z750i, Z770i, ...
The list of currently tested phones: N95, N96
01-03-2009: Download: version 2.1 beta
with built-in browser and map function
01-03-2009: Download: version 1.2
with auth hash support
25-02-2009: Download: version 1.2 18-03-2009: Download install howto: version 1.2
01-02-2009: Download: version 1.1
10-02-2009: Download: version 1.1 for MIDP-2.0 phones
28-12-2008: Download: version 1.0
You can test your phone by checking the "Refresh location" menu in the game. It should provide a valid triplet of "Mobile Conutry Code - Mobile Network Code - Cell ID". If you receive null or empty info, your phone does not support MIDP 2.1.

For the registration of your mobile device in the game you will need an access code, which you have to submit once at the first game. For the registration code please give use your e-mail address where the code will be sent. Thank you!
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There are 40 registered players already.
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